Coming back to RP.


Salutations one an’ all!

Finally being back at what, after a while I learned I liked to do most in World of Warcraft, which would be – as you might have guessed “role-playing”. Started again with my Priest, which is actually the first character I ever played on WoW, thus having a certain, I guess – nostalgic value to her. Setting up all~ , the addons and filling in her ‘TRP’ was a bit of a chore, but serves me right for not backing it all up in the first place. Seeing the sights one again in Ogrimmar, the music playing and of-course the ‘RP’ that I remembered, did give me a joyfull heart. I was most surprised to still see -allot- of the old Guilds still being active in the area, some grown bigger then what I remembered. And being the “WoW addict” I was at the time (still am), I have plenty of characters to ‘RP’ with.

Currently; I have my choices of:

  • Paladin (Blood Knight).
  • Priest.
  • Warrior (Lok’tar ogar!).
  • Death Knight.
  • Warlock.

Writing their backstories although most of them are hidden (mostly because I think it adds more interesting interactions and dialogue) really is a thing I love to do. To experience the world of Azeroth through their eyes and interacting with it all, though their personas. So I am definitely looking forward to ‘RP’ as much as possible, given I have enough free-time.

Either way; this was a short post, but I intend to keep a journal on here based on interesting interactions or just things that come to mind.


Have fun out there and if you see a character of mine, feel free to have a chat.



Zenina Redblade – Day 1.



Finally arrived in Ogrimmar, got there completely exhausted. First thing I noticed was that the place was completely overrun with Elves, the pesky little brats were everywhere.. I thought some Grog would help me get over this sudden urge to punt them all into the water.. But what I got; was some fidgeting mage, annoying the hell out of me.. Running around yelping and just being a nuisance, then having the audacity to talk behind my back, when I confronted the little pest she casted damn ‘Pastries’ at me.. Bloody pastries-… I chased her around for a bit, but she managed to escape me… But if I ever lay my eyes on her again, I will be sure to break the hand that casted this poor excuse of a spell or both her hands.. Little pest…

I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come, because I truly believe my Axe will be blunt after chopping them all to bits… Soo-.. Many-.. Pests~..

Horde role-play.