Viandrathiel’s Journal – Page-2.

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Viandrathiel’s Journal



Well today was interesting, I met with Moriddon another Warlock I’ve first encountered several days ago. Happened to run into him as I was waiting for the now ‘mystery’ person who ordered the necklace. Cannot believe what happened next, I mean – I knew people were on edge and paranoid, but to get all worked up over a pair of spaulders and a staff… it’s because I was there, otherwise I wouldn’t have believed it. Just standing there greeting Moriddon, who then immediately gets angst comments and questions thrown at him, simply because of a slither bit of fel emanating from his spaulders and staff. After finally getting the first person (an Orc) to calm down, a Pandaren had to budge in. Which then escalated into a Grunt of the Ogrimmar guard to step in and “investigate”. After having a back and forth with him and the Pandaren, which felt like an hour or two, the Grunt decided to let us be, but he would be keeping an “eye on us”. Which is something that I’ve grown quite familiar with at this point, however it still remains as annoying as ever.

The Orc who involuntarily started this inquisition with his questions, turned out a valuable and friendly ally during and after the ‘inquisition’. Him and a Troll came to our defense, which pleasantly surprised me. The Orc offered both me and Morridon a drink afterwards, which of course is one offer I cannot turn down. He seems unlike the other Orcs I’ve met, to be very down to Earth and easy-going. Something I can admire and truly appreciate as a breeze of fresh-air.

However; Moriddon left in a hurry, so I hastily excused myself to the Orc and went after him. He was still being stalked by the Grunt, but he and later me managed to lose him easily. Morridon seems… Well.. Very troubled for a lack of a better word, a weight weighing down on him, both mentally and physically. I think he’s getting more open to confide in me, he even ordered a necklace from me. Hopefully unlike the other patron, he actually shows up to claim it. It’s been weird, but the way I see it, if I didn’t stay in Ogrimmar waiting for the ‘mystery person’ none of this would have happened.. I guess Aia is right when she said “Life works in mysterious ways sometimes.” I know for a fact I’ll be hearing that soon enough after she returns from the Broken Isles.. Hopefully taking good care of herself, no matter what she says – she will always be my little cousin and she’s one of the few people I actually give a damn about.

Anyways; time for some rest and then another day, hopefully with some payment and less drama..

The shard is still making sounds, screams and whispers…. I must get rid of it… But how??!




Viandrathiel’s Journal – Page-1.

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Viandrathiel’s Journal


It’s been several days since my client requested me craft this necklace, it’s been days since I’ve heard from him. I wonder if.. perhaps with all the hysteria and paranoia going on recently, if he’s not a captive or dead. If he is, I would rather know as quickly as possible, since Ogrimmar isn’t giving me the ‘warmest’  of feelings, albeit it in the middle of the desert and subject to extreme heat. But I guess on the bright side, I did get to talk to my cousin again, seeing her after all those years, defintely feels like a breath of fresh-air. She’s grown up so fast, joined the Priesthood like she said she would, joined a ‘botherhood’ and even convinced me to join them… Who would’ve thought that this would’ve been my fate thus far, I mean – I don’t socialize nor do I want too.. So this all by itself is an enigma that I just cannot seem to decipher. I shall remain in Ogrimmar for a few more days.. Hopefully my client comes to collect his necklace, since the voices inside of the shard are getting stronger and stronger each and every day. If he doesn’t, I know I must see to get rid of it, because I doubt I can withstand the voices much longer.

Time for some rest, then another day.. Perhaps I’ll meet some of the members of this ‘brotherhood’ in the upcoming days, see what they’re all about..