Viandrathiel’s Journal – Page-1.

Warlock Portraitwarlock_class_logo_by_addorin-d3i46pm

Viandrathiel’s Journal


It’s been several days since my client requested me craft this necklace, it’s been days since I’ve heard from him. I wonder if.. perhaps with all the hysteria and paranoia going on recently, if he’s not a captive or dead. If he is, I would rather know as quickly as possible, since Ogrimmar isn’t giving me the ‘warmest’  of feelings, albeit it in the middle of the desert and subject to extreme heat. But I guess on the bright side, I did get to talk to my cousin again, seeing her after all those years, defintely feels like a breath of fresh-air. She’s grown up so fast, joined the Priesthood like she said she would, joined a ‘botherhood’ and even convinced me to join them… Who would’ve thought that this would’ve been my fate thus far, I mean – I don’t socialize nor do I want too.. So this all by itself is an enigma that I just cannot seem to decipher. I shall remain in Ogrimmar for a few more days.. Hopefully my client comes to collect his necklace, since the voices inside of the shard are getting stronger and stronger each and every day. If he doesn’t, I know I must see to get rid of it, because I doubt I can withstand the voices much longer.

Time for some rest, then another day.. Perhaps I’ll meet some of the members of this ‘brotherhood’ in the upcoming days, see what they’re all about..





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